Men and women have been set apart from one another since the dawn of time. It is a universally acknowledged fact that, even though we all belong to the human race, women differ from men in a great many ways. Even science has proven that men and women have different hormonal and chemical reactions operating in their bodies.

What we have prepared here, however, has nothing much to do with science or hormones. These are simple illustrations telling you the simple ways in which a man differs from a woman. So, scroll down to see some cool pictures and find out in what ways you are different from them!

1.Reaction when a friend gets in a relationship

Women – omg, I am so happy for you! Soo, tell me everything. Where did you guys meet? Is he taller than 6 3’? Does he treat you like a princess? OMG I wanna know literally everything!

Men – bro you sure she is not blind?


Women – oh let me save everything on the desktop so that I can see them as soon as I turn on the computer.

Men – omg I will be sued if I save something on the desktop. It must not be littered with documents and stuff.


Women- oh I guess I ll’ go grocery shopping today and pile up my fridge. I really don’t feel okay when my fridge is not filled with stuff, you know

Men – I really don’t understand why they make fridges this big!


Women- my bedroom is one of the holiest things on the planet earth and I should always keep it clean and tidy.

Men – all I do in this bedroom is sleep so why should I clean it like every day?


Women – oh I can’t be bothered to throw away this stuff. Why don’t I just leave them in the car?

Men – oh let me tidy you up and worship you, you mighty car!


Women – one for the feet, one for the hands, one for the body, one for the face etc. etc

Men – this is a three in one product, oh so perfect for me!

7.The main room in the house

Women – let me make this my closet!

Men – yay, perfect space for my garage!

8.Common cold

Women – is this even a sickness?

Men – I swear I’m gonna die…

9.Why we watch Titanic

Women – omg, it is the greatest love story ever!

Men – look at that ship sinking!

10.Tell a story

Women –so it was like this and then I met him and there was Susan from high school and bla bla bla

Men – yeah I went there, got it done and came back.

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