If you want to be relaxed in your office and work at the same time, below are some of the ideas that may help you.

1. Dedicate time for playful exploration

 Explore new ideas within yourself and dedicate time to implement it.

2. Track and appreciate every small step of progress you make

 Make sure you appreciate your hard work than progress, you are bound to celebrate every bit of it.

3. Find meaning in your tasks and projects

 Look for ways that your tasks and projects are ensuring you accomplish your goals.

4. Seek out ways to deliver a smile

Make sure you do something to bring a smile of satisfaction to the person to whom you cater a service.

5. Leverage your motivating triggers

 Find out your motivating trigger such as listening to music to be able to centre your focus to work.

6. Schedule recharge breaks

 Take necessary breaks if you want to work in a fresh mode. Try taking a stroll or having a small snack.

7. Ask for help the minute you need it

 Make sure to get help when you realize that you cannot proceed. It is perfectly fine to seek someone’s hand when you cannot handle it.

8. Flip the script

 If the old school ways are no more working, you can always change the way to obtain something fresh out of it.

9. Learning to circumvent tasks that don’t excite you

 Learn to say “no” is one of the essential words for doing more work that you love and creating a happier life in general.

10. Block out time to be in the zone

Getting in the zone is one of the most important habits for effective workers. It allows you to get the necessary rest and finish the work efficiently.