Life can be a lot easier and more graceful when you are surrounded by funny people. Indeed, life should not be treated as a joke and you have to be serious in a lot of instances. But, when you are gloomy and try to be negative about almost everything happening around you, then you would end up feeling depressed and agitated every time. you would not see anything positive or anything to be happy in your life and there is no need to say that such a life is not worth it at all!

When you can look at everything, particularly the incidents with bad consequences with good humour, you will be able to see the positive and good things that you can learn out of those blunders and instead of lamenting over your loss, you would have something to be happy about. Your good sense of humour will influence others as well and life would be more beautiful and pleasant then.

So, here we have some funny texts received by people and they would surely stir up your mood and will help you to reply to your texts with some sense of humour too. So, scroll down to see these texts and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

1. What are you doing?

2. Can I ask you a question?

3. Why aren’t you asleep?

4. Will you be soon honey?

5. Why do people fall in love?

6. Can you remember the movie that we watched together?

7. Why do you always put brackets?

8. You are home today!

9. Build your happiness!

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