When life changes, change yourself too. Even though that is the truth, we often feel hopeless and tangled against our wishes because life can be difficult to navigate when we are undetermined about things.

When you are changing jobs or starting a business, ask yourself whether what is the story you want to tell yourself about the change you are implementing in your life and whether it makes you confident. Do not consider yourself alone and struggling.

For example, the great fictional character, Harry Potter thinks that he is too young to battle Voldemort and instead he stays in his dorm to play video games, it would definitely sound awful and a great movie series like Harry Potter will never be made.

The stories we tell ourselves about our desires go a bit tough, we break from the inside out.

However, the positive change looks like, consider the story you started narrating to yourself the moment you realize you are unable to progress as you expected. Remember to create a visual story for better clarification.

Unfortunately, if you fail because of story frequency then you realize—it likely gets in your path more than any actual real-world hindrance you’re facing. And it starts off something like:

“I’m not good enough…”

“I suck…”

“I’m going to fail…”

“I’m just wasting my time…”

“It doesn’t matter that much anyway…”

“It’s not worth the time and risk…”

“I’ll do it tomorrow instead…”

If your story is deviating from you than helping, CHANGE the story and be its own hero!

Start telling these to yourself!

Whenever you are feeling discouraged and doubtful, refer to the below 10 mantras and tell them to yourself.

Do not think twice to be a beginner.

Refrain from running away and breathe peacefully.

Let disappointment and frustration be the motivation.

Do not let yourself become a product of the circumstances.

Do not invest your time in comparison with others.

Learn to be strong and steadfast.

Practice patience and confidence.

It is fine to get exhausted from efforts and learning.

Do not be afraid to struggle.

Keep turning the pages of your life.