Money can buy freedom and options. It is great to have money as long as you manage and spend it wisely which most of us waste not realizing.

Here are 18 common money-wasting reasons to beware of:

1. Bottled water

Do not pay for what you get freely.

2. Magazines & newspaper subscriptions

You can get these free online.

3. Printer ink cartridges

Rather than buying brand new cartridges, always refill the ones you already have.

4. More houses than you need

Do not buy houses with space which is not required for a large sum of money.

5. Insurance

Stop investing in cars, and house insurance with large sums. Settle with what you can afford.

6. Satellite TV

There are so many options like Netflix, and Hulu to watch your favourite shows which will save a lot of money than buying satellite TV.

7. Retail furniture

Always spend less on retail and look for options in online stores or try to buy furniture slightly used.

8. Restaurants and prepared food

Do not uselessly spend on lavish restaurants.

9. Nutritional supplements

Replace these supplements with a good healthy diet than buying.

10. Luxury products

Do not pay money on premium branded items just for the name when you can get them at a cheaper price.

11. New cars

If you have your old car working just fine, re-think about purchasing a new one.

12. Electronic warranties

Do not invest a large sum on a warranty because it covers technical repairs. Sometimes it might cost you less to repair than spending on a warranty.

13. Retail computer software

Always look for online options which are free to download and may have the same facilities.

14. Medical issues than can be avoided

Eat well and exercise regularly. It can save a lot of money than suffering major medical issues.

15. Prescription medication

Buying medicine from wholesale places costs less than buying from local pharmacies.

16. Jewelry and precious gems

Jewellery and gems have higher markups. Always do your research before investing in it.

17. Second rate entertainment

Do not spend on movies, games etc. Spend time more on nature.

18. Nasty money-sucking habits

Smoking, gambling, and drinking can cost your money and life very easily. So try to put them one by one down.