They say that You don’t want to become rich to be happy. It is true that even a small thing can make you happy. However, some people always want to chase after wealth in order to be happy and they are not aware of the true meaning of happiness. All it takes is a tiny imagination and a lot of love to make the most of this world.

Auxx me is very enthused by these photographs which show happiness is found where you create it.

#1. Cameras are overvalued anyway

#2. Life is Happy with a True friend by your side

#3. A slight imagination can create the world a more exciting place.


#4. “Mexico circa 1989 — I was too happy to understand how poor we were.”

#5. Who Wants to be in a pool?

#6. Take a second chance to look around the world

#7. Pure love is between a dog and a child

#8. A belly rub can solve all most all problems.

#9. Trust me, anything can be a toy

#10. We all need this reminder now and again.

#11. A little buddy can help to change your life

#12. Imagination can support you make your own world.

#13. Tiny sawdust has the ability to make a happy world

#14. Have you seen a swimming pool like this?

#15. A homeless man in Brazil was rushed to a hospital, but the 4 dogs he took care of stood by to keep an eye on their friend.

#16. This was created by a homeless man in Nashville, art with a simple cardboard

#17. “While in Vilnius, Lithuania, I was stopped by this gentleman who wanted his photo taken and to sing for me. He was quite the character!”

#18. We need to love his spirit.

#19. Birds of a feather smile together

#20. “Haven’t you seen pure happiness? Here how happiness looks like.”

#21. Money is not Happiness, but sometimes we can use it for a good purpose…mother posted about being homeless on social media, and a team of mothers on Reddit sent support, it is all diapers and toys.