“When someone is rude, keep a smile on your face. When you stay on the high road and keep your joy, you take away their power.” – Joel Osteen

A lot of people including myself have love/ hate relationships in our lives. Be it our families, bosses, coworkers or our significant others. 

The vibe changes within a matter of seconds sometimes. One minute they can be sweet angels and the other minute they make you wonder whether they have devil horns under their hair. The sweetest people sometimes say things that are really inconsiderate and offensive. 

They’ll be questioning about the few extra pounds you gained or meddling into your love life like it’s their business. These are few of many questions that can really hit bellow the belt and really offend a person if they allow it. 

There’s a lot of cases where people don’t think twice about what they say. And their words end up hurting the person they are talking to. So it’s important to that you have the right to defend yourself and to stand up for yourself. Thus, it’s essential to find a way to speak your mind in a way that is still positive and polite. 

It’s really hard to find the right comeback to deal with the rudeness of some people. When it comes to your boss who has no concern about overworking you , your in-laws who cant stop meddling into your business, knowing the below comebacks will be of great help to you. 



This word will speak volumes. Saying a simple ‘Thank you’ when you encounter rudeness, shows the person that you didn’t let their words affect you and that you are very mature. This is like killing two birds with one stone since you choose not to ignore the person nor get angry. A “Thank you” is usually used to acknowledge someone’s thoughtfulness and to show your appreciation for that person. However, in this case, your “thank you” will mean that you acknowledge the person’s rudeness and that you don’t allow it to affect you.This will definitely make the person realize that he/she was unsuccessful if their plan was to phase you with their inconsiderate comments. 

You have power to choose the way you react and feel in any given situation, so choose to be polite and positive. And let them know that nothing that they do will take that power from you.


This is a highly intelligent approach which will show that you are a mature person who is only willing to communicate in an adult manner. This will make them understand that they will not stoop into their level and retort back and make a scene. It’s important to remember that when people become rude for no apparent reason or blurt out something tactless, its a reflection of shaky perception of themselves and their insecurities. Just because they want to bring you down, don’t let them. So make it clear that you don’t want a scene and that you value a respectful communication. This will make them actually see your respectful nature. If that doesn’t happen #3 of the list will help you.


If the conversation seems like it’ll get heated up and if you feel that you are too angry to respond, simply end the conversation. Loosing your cool and causing permanent damage is not worth it. On the other hand, it’s important that you don’t disrespect yourself by pretending to accept other person’s comments. This way you will be taking the high road where there’ll be no all-out brawls or heated arguments.


This will come in handy especially in group settings. This will make the other person understand that they are incapable of getting an irate response out of you. When they see how calm, cool and collected you are and how you are willing to talk things over decently, they’ll actually start respecting you for this. This might also make them apologize to you in front of everybody. 

People need to know that it not acceptable to go around saying inconsiderate things. Also, they need to know that you don’t tolerate rude or uncalled for comments. So it’s best to reply this way. In case they reply “yes” to the latter part of you question make sure to leave them with a “Well, it looks like this isn’t your lucky day,” and be done with the conversation.


This adds a sarcastic tone into your conversation and will let the person that you choose not to absorb their negativity. Remarks like these will show your maturity. Also, it will tend to discourage the other person from making uncalled for comments once they understand that there’s no effect on you.


A lot of people find it hard to say these words. Sometimes it will benefit you to make the other person believe that they were correct rather than getting into a heated argument. This will most likely cut the conversation short because what more can they say after this comeback? You accept that they are right and then you disengage from further communication. Even though you might not get as much satisfaction, they will not get an irate response out of you. So it’s better to keep your cool and say this.


This will make them think twice about what they said to you and what they will say in the future because it is a very observant comment about them. 

It is noteworthy that standing for yourself and speaking your mind in situations like these is never wrong. Your maturity and decent act of conduct will make them aware of their toxic behavior. Not only you but also a lot of people will benefit when you bring their attention to their negative behavior.


This is only suitable for certain situations with friends ,family and your spouse. It is obvious that you’d look like a real weirdo if you say this to your boss, so make sure you use it at your discretion. 

This comeback  was included here because it is really effective when it comes to shutting down rude people. Kindness is the best answer for negativity. And it’s well known that darkness cannot thrive where light prevails. 

When you are not afraid to express your love for life out loud, their comments loose power automatically. Their negativity and sour moods is of no match for your 

Cheerful nature. This might even leave them speechless because a lot of people are not used to raw emotions. 

Your words have the ability to boost the entire energy of a room and promote more positive conversation. How can you ever go wrong with that? 


Saved the best for last !

This will definitely make the offender surprised because its an unexpected reaction. It will make them embarrassed for certain. For an instance if one of your uncles brings up the topic of your divorce, just laugh. It’ll make the air a little less serious and less awkward. Also, they will receive the message that their uncalled for opinions and comments are of no importance to you. 

Bottom line: You choose how to react in any given situation, so choose happiness!

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