Everybody in the world either own pets or love them very deeply. It is very sad to accept that our loved pets, leave us pretty soon compared to the human life expectancy. Biologically, it is because of their species and that is how they are designed by nature.

Even if it is a biological fact, it is very hard to part from literally a family member who brought so much joy into our lives. Science and facts will not help in soothing our hearts at such times. But here is a story of a 6-year-old boy who figured out the phenomenon from his point of view. Scroll down to read more of the story. More info & Photo courtesy: AWoman’sSoul

This story unfolds as Belker, a sick Wolfhound, who was the pet of the 6-year-old boy Shane was brought to an animal clinic. The Veterinarian informed Shane’s parents that it was due to Belker’s old age. They could not do anything but put it down.


With a heavy heart, they agreed and the Veterinarian performed the procedure at Belker’s home. After being silent with emotion, they started talking about how the human and dog lifespans differ. To everyone’s surprise, Shane spoke some really wise words. They made everyone look at a dog’s short life span in a very loving way.

He believed that People have more time to live since they have to learn to be nice to others, but dogs are in their best form their entire life. They teach people how to live a simple life and appreciate what they have to the maximum. Our dogs never hold back love from us, they stick around us never missing a moment. Having a nap, enjoying what they are given, taking a walk from time to time and especially being happy almost every time possible.

This Child understood life and his pet in a way that most of us do not. Share your thoughts with us on this story with us in the comments section below!