The health-science preceptor Valtteri Mulkahainen from Sotkamo,Finland has been spending a big count of his free time to photo-journaling. For the last six years and so Valtteri has been catching his country’s wildlife and captured many fabulous moments. And this is among them.

On the 3rd of June,2013,Valtteri was planning to explore the Taiga forests in Finland. As the teacher was going through the area, he noticed a huge bear who was nearing into a clearing with several smaller cubs.

As Valtteri states cubs have been behaved like small kids. “They were playing ,battling around and dancing into the rhythm of the powerful wind”

Valtteri found the wood in comparison to a playground with bear-cub-dancers. As it goes the three of them raised their small figures on their hind legs and started pulling and pushing each other friendly. “I felt like I was on a playground in front of my house, where small children were cuddling around. That is how much they reminded me of little children. It was like they were dancing in a circle. “Valtteri added.

With perfect lenses and accurate angles Valtteri photographed the drama into an awesome view. “I captured their images and was with the bear all the evening and all night “he said.

According to him, it is very easy to bump into a bear pretty much everywhere in Finland. Most of these bears live in the eastern part of the country and not in The Aland Islands. Nevertheless Finnish people regularly see these majestic creatures in the southern and western halves of the country as well.

As the three cubs were having fun with each other, the bear had a look of attentive, agile and strong. They use their front-legs to hunt their prey and to walk around. Moreover they are very clever swimmers and climbers. In brief, they are the whole package of basic quadrupeds.

Anyway this was Valtteri’s God given chance to get such a clear shot of the bear family and it is really fascinating. Bear avoids human-beings as best as he can. Human see them once-in-a-blue-moon inside the noisy wood. They try to retreat immediately after detecting human’s disturbing presence almost always. Keen five wits and the possibility of moving silently make them awesome at this game of hide and seek.

All around the world the bear population is around 2130 before 2019 hunting season.

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