You might have seen plants beautifully sculptured into different shapes or figures. This is called Topiary and is done by shaping shrubs and trees to maintain a particular shape or figure for a time. It can be considered a living sculpture, a type of art. The plants that are used in the topiary usually have small leaves or needles. Sometimes wire cages made according to the shape needed are also used in modern times. But patience and a steady hand are what that’s needed in traditional topiary.More info & Photo courtesy: Jardin des Plantes


Poussin endormi is a topiary sculpture done by  Claude Ponti, a French artist as well as an author who writes children’s books. The name of the sculpture meansSleepy Chick. This sleepy chick of Ponti is in the  Jardin des Plantes botanical garden in Nantes, France. It is a sculpture of a big bird who has fallen asleep. Through this creation, you can see the fabulous skill of Claude Ponti in creating topiary sculptures. This bird also has legs that are quite long and a yellow colour beak made of metal. Also, it has eyelashes that are very small.

#2 Ponti has a brilliant talent in sculpting topiary and you can see it through this work of his


#4 There are more topiary sculptures of birds that are fallen asleep in various ways




h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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