Some periods do not let cherry blossoms bloom. But the most important thing is that the tree is holding the hardest situations no matter what. In our lives, we are also facing such hard situations on our own battlefields. But trust my friend, Still, we are capable of being the best warriors. That is why we are alive yet.

It doesn’t matter who you are… What you are .. Still you have the right to live the best life you dreamed. To live in your dream, you shouldn’t be a dependable person. To build up your own castle you should think like a king or queen. You must act like a king or queen in your own castle. The moment that you get the very impression of giving up, you must provoke your inner warrior to protect your castle. Giving up so easily doesn’t make you a better person or a stressless person. Giving up is something like that you are postponing problems and taking them to the future as a bigger one.

To win the battlefield you should always have the courage and the motivation which no one can give you or from nobody you can borrow. To yourself the biggest motivation is you. It’s like you are the very person who can give you wings.

In our lives, we meet many distractions such as,

1. Regrates
2. Stress
3. Grudges
4. Toxic relationships
5. The thoughts of others
6. Boundaries and limitations

1. Regrates

This is a matter that always distracts your goals. The fact is that you must understand that the “past is past” we can not recall it and we should move forward. If we are only focusing on the past and we keep worrying about it, It will make us more pathetic.

2. Stress

Most people among us are choosing to give up when they are stressed. But if you are willing to climb the mountain you must endure the pain it gives and you should use your strength wisely till the end. You can be stressed in many ways. But managing things makes you stressless.

3. Grudges

Making a grudge against anyone won’t make you a successful person. For a short period, you might be happy since you have the feeling that you used your power against a person who is weaker than you. But it makes you a loser. You will be distant from your goal while you are focusing on grudging someone else. Also, you can be distracted by someone else who is grudging on you. But time gives you the answer. You just ignore that and focus on your work. While you are focusing on your goals, you won’t remember what other people are doing to stop you. Because you do not have enough time to just waste.

4. Toxic Relationships

A person who comes with a toxic attitude can ruin your entire life. At the very moment you
realize it, you should take out your life from that relationship; before it wastes both lives. A
person who can not pay you attention, who cannot respect you, who can not trust you only
makes a distraction to your goals. If the relationship is a toxic one you will lose your freedom, inner peace, confidence, pride, independence, and finally yourself.

5. The thoughts of others

When You are starting something, you will always find this. People are very good at giving
judgments to others by reading the headlines only. They are making judgments about you even though they have never experienced it or tried it before. If you are thinking about other’s thoughts you will never be successful.

6. Boundaries and Limitations

In the world, no one can mark you a boundary or put limitations on you. If you do believe that you must stop by other’s boundaries then you are the one who is captivating your soul in a prison. Always you must think out of the frame and there shouldn’t be any boundaries for you. It drives you to success.

To use your wings you need strength and courage. You are the only person who can give it to you. Use all your talents to achieve your goals. Make your own dream come true. Do not let anyone control you. Do not let anyone break your wings. Use those pretty wings to fly to the highest you dreamed of flying.

Cheers to all my warriors till we meet next time.