An Argentinian gay couple has adopted an HIV-positive baby girl who had previously been rejected by 10 different families.

After being rejected because she was born with HIV, the couple received a call and were offered the possibility to adopt her. They’d been waiting about 3 years for this call.

The child, named Olivia, was born with the virus. Earlier attempts to adopt the girl had not been productive, with prospective parents being cautious of the child’s HIV standing.

That all changed when family Damian Pighin and Ariel Vijarra agreed to adopt the girl once she was only 28 days old. They said that they knew the adoption was right after they instantly felt tenderness towards the kid.

“As soon as I saw her, I felt she was part of my life,” Vijarra told local media. “The affiliation was immediate. We held her in our arms, we gave her the bottle and she looked at us along with her eyes wide open, while not crying.”

This is Olivia, daughter of Damian & Ariel

They are the first openly gay couple to be married in Santa Fe, Argentina, and presently the parents of 2 adopted young girls, Olivia and Victoria. Ariel and Damien work for a nongovernmental organization that helps couples adopt unwanted kids.

After being rejected by 10 families as a result of her being born with HIV, the couple received a telephone and were offered the possibility to adopt her. They’d been waiting for 3 years for this decision.

The two gentlemen waited around three years to adopt Olivia

Fortunately, Olivia’s treatment was successful, which means that she can lead an ordinary life now.

Even though there’s no cure for HIV as of now, this was still excellent news because it meant that Olivia would not get to suffer the negatives of the virus, nor would the virus be ready to spread to others.