People are wholesome and there is enough good in the world to make it a better place. It might be something on a larger scale or something small as helping someone out at a simple task.

This article is about such a wholesome act done by a teenager who has a heart of gold. When Hurricane ‘Ida’ struck the USA it brought a lot of damage with its arrival. Going at a destructive speed of around 172mph, it struck Louisiana where thousands of people had to evacuate from their houses. Bailee Villavaso was one of the residents who had to evacuate out of her house before the hurricane got to them. As this teen who was 15, was getting ready to leave their home with her family, she saw a squirrels’ nest fallen down. This nest was on a tree by their house and when she checked inside it, there were 3 baby squirrels. Bailee made a decision to become their guardian angel at that moment. Scroll down to read the rest of the story about these adorable squirrels.



She took them with her in a cardboard box and took care of them. There were very weak and small when she discovered them. Lost, wet, and with no home, they had no help until this teen with a big heart showed up. And now, they are healthy and grown strong to run about. They have made a very close bond with Bailee. Even though they are so happy together, Bailee believes that they are in better hands if she handed them over to a wildlife caretaker. So, while she takes care of these 3 adorable squirrels, she looks for a proper person to hand them over.

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