This is an extraordinary story about the bond between a family and its pet. The Wangs lived with their pet dog ‘Renault’, longing for a child, their pet was the only source of joy they received to fill the void of a child.

As time passed on, Renault aged 11 long years and became weaker. Close to its passing away, Renault was licking its paw which revealed some kind of mark that was not noticed before. The doctors have recognized it as a birthmark. Mrs Wang finally got pregnant! But Renault didn’t live long enough to greet the baby into the world. Surprising everyone, The newborn baby made the Wangs believe that their love and bond with Renault caused in this beautiful miracle, the newborn baby had the same birthmark on the same spot Renault did! This heart-touching story went viral and here are some photos of Renault and the Wangs. Share your thoughts on this story in the comment sections below! More info: Facebook |

#1. The Wangs

#2. Their adorable pet Renault with an amazing birthmark.

#3. It was on its front paw.

#4. The Wangs are so happy to see their newborn sharing the same birthmark.

#5. Renault lies in silence.