We often pressure ourselves due to mind made fantasies deep within.
We tend to compare and get annoyed with others due to fantasies.

Do not miss moments just because you are indulged in a fantasy.

Below are 10 fantasies as such you need to let go of right now probably before the New year!

1. Let go of distractions and focus more on your life.

2. Let go of reasoning that people know what is best for you.

3. Let go of thinking that your frustration is due to someone else’s mistake.

4. Let go of thinking that your hindrance is always yourself.

5. Let go of assuming life should be always peaches and lemons.

6. Let go of thinking that taking risks were great nowadays.

7. Let go of your self ask permission to do anything in life.

8. Let go of understanding that you must be confident.

9. Let go of the fantasies that you need more things in life.

10. Let go of thinking what you know now, will be the same.