As the dewy wind blows after the hot summer breeze. You know it is the ballyhoo for the wedding season. One out of your best school mate is probably getting married! You will see beautiful brides prepping up for the big day they always dreamt of. Want to pull off the best day they ever dreamt of? Some may refer to them as bridezillas as it is probably not the best couple of days to catch them to hang out or even be around them for that matter.

However, some of them are way too bold and sassy enough to be planning their big day for a couple of hundred guests. From making their bridesmaid and groomsmen look like droll puppets to the most unkind seating arrangements. Nevertheless, there are a few Dos and Don’ts being invited to a wedding, especially when you are the mother-in-law of the bride. A definite ‘DON’T’ is to wear a bridal gown to match the bride. However, Amy Pennza was very conventional when her mother-in-law showed up wearing a white gown for her wedding. Let’s have a read on Amy’s interpretation of the incident.

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Image credits: AmyPennzaAfter Amy’s tweet went viral, people began asking for deets

Which made Amy pen an in-depth explanation of the whole situation

Ignoring the dress code isn’t the only way to get unwanted attention at a wedding. And you don’t have to be an expert on etiquette to avoid it. Common decency is enough. For starters, keep your phone on silent because a ceremony where the couple exchange vows only to be interrupted by an obnoxious ringtone isn’t exactly ideal. Heck, you can even play it safe and unplug it for the entire event. Secondly, try to avoid complaints if something isn’t to your liking. Months — sometimes even years — go into the preparation of a wedding. Everything from the venue to the menu is selected after careful planning, and by the time the big day rolls around, chances are that the bride and groom are probably pretty proud of how it turned out. So whether it’s too hot or the food isn’t up to your standards, make an effort of keeping your opinions to yourself. Also, even though weddings are a celebration and you’re supposed to have fun, be aware of your alcohol intake. As great as open bars are, spending all of your time sipping the free wine and beer could lead to doing plenty of things that will be captured in photos for life.

Having read the backstory, most people changed their minds