Today is a new day with a big challenge for her. She felt so nervous as well as excited when she walked into the huge building. So many eyes were staring at her when she was entering from the front door. For a moment she felt like she was in the middle of a pack of hyenas staring, whispering and laughing. She felt a bit uncomfortable with this sudden attention towards her but yet she managed to keep up a nervous smile on her face.

Day by day time passed. She was collecting sand grain by grain to build her dream, her own sand castle. She seems very tiny in the middle of big bulls who have been in this race for years. Some came and stepped over her sand castle crushing everything to dust. Some made fun of her effort saying that she was naive. But she never gave up on her dream.

One day the knight arrived, with the shiny armour. He appreciated her effort and told her that she was building the most beautiful sand castle in the whole world. The knight made sure that the pawns don’t disturb her and she felt so relieved. She respected the knight for being humble and noticing the effort of a small girl like her. She was so motivated by the knights’ words and started working harder on building her dream. It took a while for her to understand the great knights’ intention and she felt so naïve for taking this long to understand.

She refuses to be his toy and he warns that she’ll regret her choice. Suddenly a storm of whispers come across, crushing her sand castle and not even leaving a single grain of sand. She walks out of the building with empty hands and a broken soul. For a moment she doubts whether she’ll ever be able to build her dream but soon after she starts everything from the scratch with a determination to never give up.

This is the story of the majority of girls across the world, who dream big to become successful and independent in their careers. This is my story too. I was visited by several knights, faced so many storms of whispers and was crushed to the core as well. But I never gave up on my dream and I would suggest everyone else also do the same.

It’s alright to fall several times and cry out loud when you’re hurt. But make sure to wipe your tears and stand on your feet. Don’t ever give up on your dream.