First of all depression itself is defined as a mental and emotional state characterized by repetitive negative thinking and negative feelings such as helplessness and anxiety. There can also be chemical aspects to it commonly defined as clinical depression whereby the chemical imbalance of the brain causes negative thoughts and feelings. Or… is it the negative thoughts and feelings which cause the chemical imbalance? It’s both as recent scientific evidence has shown. Showing that’s the same reaction which can be caused from either side. It’s an interdependent relationship!

Barring this relationship in mind then we can see that if we change the chemical balance of our brains we can be free of negative thoughts and feelings. Well, temporarily that is. Also, we can see that if we change our thoughts and feelings we can change the chemistry of our brain. However now ask the question that if this is the case, then if I were to change my thoughts and feelings whether or not my brain chemistry changed (it does but that’s not the point) I wouldn’t be depressed because I would be thinking and feeling more positive. Would that not be the case?!

This however is easier said than done. Or is it? First of all, before people diagnose themselves with depression they have to ask what is depressed? What part of me is depressed? Am I always depressed? And if they answer these questions unbiasedly, honestly and with a deep perception, they will find that their very depression is nothing more than repetitive negative thinking. This becomes habitual. And like all bad habits, it needs to be changed by being dropped and then replaced by cultivating positive thinking. Ask yourself the question, do my negative thoughts come and go? And the answer is yes. The minute you’ve thought of something the minute your thought has ended. Thoughts rise up and down like waves. However you then have to ask yourself the question, what witnesses these thoughts come and go? And is this affected? And the answer is you witness your thoughts come and go. They come and go, and afterwards are you affected? And the answer is no. you can think you are affected. But that’s just more thinking and not you being affected.

What people with depression need to realise is that they entertain negative thinking. But as we’ve just discovered the true essence of their mental nature (pure self-awareness) cant be affected. As soon as someone truly realizes this fact they realize that for however long all they’ve been doing is convincing themselves there in a worse state than they are. They then ask if I don’t want to be depressed or think negatively, then why am I thinking I’m depressed and thinking negatively? Especially when the true essence of my mental nature is never affected by either positive or negative thoughts? And then at that moment, something clicks. they don’t know why they think these things or entertain these thoughts. And at that very moment, a little light bulb goes off in their head. They realize they can’t be touched by their negativity and they drop the negative thoughts and feelings and get on with life as if they’ve never been depressed in their life!

Trust me. Look deeply into yourself and find these realities and see if that isn’t true. Point it out to others and if they attain and realize the truth about what’s just been said they snap out of their negative thinking and get on with life as if they’ve never been touched by it. Mainly for the pure fact, that they never have been touched by it. They just thought they have. But you can think of something all you like. But that doesn’t necessarily make it so though does it?

May the peace of mind come to all !!!