On one fine day, I see a bird sitting on a branch of a mango tree, who’s singing a beautiful song which I’ve never heard before. His melody keeps me so happy the whole day. I wish to see this beautiful bird and listen to his beautiful song every day of my entire life. In my eyes, that’s the most beautiful bird in the entire world and I fall in love. I want to keep my precious bird safe from the entire world and love him every minute.

I capture him and keep him in a golden cage. I love him, pamper him, feed him every day and give him all my time to make sure that he’s loved, safe and happy.
Day by day time passes, and I take care of my precious little bird-like my whole life. But I notice that his song isn’t so melodious as earlier and his beauty is fading away. I often ask the bird “Oh. My love… Why do you look so sad when I spend the whole time loving you?”
On one gloomy morning, I see that my precious have passed away silently, leaving me with a broken heart questioning myself “what did I do wrong?”

Years of repeated heartbreaks and failed relationships make me realize that true love is letting go. I used to think that holding my love so tight and spending every minute loving, caring and looking after him is love. Each and every time when relationship dies, I used to question myself “what did I do wrong?”

I learned to see “Love” different perspective. Love isn’t smothering. Love is giving. Letting you spread your wings to fly in the open sky, seeing your happiness and listening to your happy melody is the most beautiful feeling in the entire world.

So… My love… I love you…. And I let you go………