If you are a person who spends your time on social media quite a lot. You must know the famous ‘One of Those Days’ comics which are hilarious and relatable at the same time. Their comics have been shared all over the world with loads of laughs.

This specific set of comic art was made for a special occasion. That is to welcome their newborn baby boy into the Devire family. The Israeli couple Yehuda and Maya Devir who also has a daughter Ariel welcomed their newest and youngest member to their family; Ethan. Scroll down to read more about this fun and exciting story.

More info & Photo courtesy: YEHUDA DeVIR OFFICIAL | ethan_devir

01. Welcoming The Newborn.

02. The Oh My God Moments.

This family has a huge follower base on a lot of social media platforms. They have over 5.5 million Instagram followers alone on that social media app. They are loved all over the world for portraying their love and family life in comic art that has let the whole world have snapshots into their lives.

A lot of people struggle to have or maintain a relationship. But this family manages to keep on the fun train going on and expanding on their way as well. The main reason for a relationship is trust and teamwork if you have these two extremely important elements.

03. Post Delivery Grumpiness.

#4. Let The Games Begin.

The Devir family has shared a bunch of fun moments in their life that swirl around childbirth and living with children. A lot of families have enjoyed their comics since they all are very relatable in real life as well. You can check them out and let us know how you enjoyed them yourself.

05. Good Sleep Is A Myth.

06. Time To Get On All Fours.

07. Parenting Is Easy!

08. Not An Issue Honey.

#9. Privacy Is Not A Thing.

10. With You, Always.

11. Not The Same Again.

12. Let’s Get It On!

13. Little Things Matter.

14. They Drew Some Art For The Recent Olympics As Well.

15. Artistic Swimming.

16. Hurdling.

17. Rhythmic Gymnastics.

18. The Finale!

19. Maya With Ethan.

20. The Devirs.