We take things personally when we realize that things ad the situation do not go as per our wishes. That feeling of hurt right there is when we take it personally. We put ourselves in the centre and if people don’t give that attention, we feel hurt and we may tend to think they are rude or we don’t get in return what we give them. At this moment, we feel sorry for ourselves.

We must always remember we are not the centre of everything. That is how the world is. Every person has their point of view. And have the right to express themselves.  

Given below are 10 notes to self which will make you think about yourself and stop taking anything in a personal way.

Directly dealing with offensive people

When a person argues about imposing their drama on you, just keep reading “notes to self” and implement to be an example of pure existence. Respect their discomfort and focus on kindness because handling them is essential.

1. Take positive control of negative conversations

 It is totally fine to deviate from the topic and talks about something positive.

Be courageous to disagree with any unwanted drama.

2. Proactively establish healthy and reasonable boundaries

 Be aware of your needs and feelings. Also, monitor the times and circumstances when you are irritated with looking into others’ needs.

3. Make extra time for yourself

 Draw a fine line between giving an ear to their problems and getting sucked in their emotional drama.

4. Let them know that you do not care decently

 Let them know their words and attempts are futile and practice yourself saying you do not care.

5. If their offensive behaviour becomes physical, it must be addressed

 If someone is physically abusive, they will have to go through legal consequences for their horrid actions.