We let unnecessary negative energy come into our life. We all have been in tough situations. Below are some reminders which we can relate to our lives.

1. Do not ever think that you are doing wrong if your marriage, parenting, and faith get difficult.

2. Hard days remind you that you are 100% on your track record.

3. Always have some faith that the universe has already planned for you gradually revealing at the right time.

4. Pain is unavoidable. Suffering is always optional.

5. Life is not only the maintaining the status and playing safe each second. Regardless of how hard and small things be, you can always move forward.

6. Rise and say you don’t care how hard and disappointed you are and move on with your life.

7. Try to fight the battles of today. It is necessary to let yourself live just one day at a time.

8. When you stop worrying about what you can’t control, you have time to change the things you can control. And that changes everything.

9. Without worrying about your failures, worry about giving up without a try or an attempt.

10. Making mistakes teaches you that you are doing things in the real world and most importantly learning from them.

11. You must go after something to have it. Likewise, you must ask to get an answer.

12. Always remember that there is a space between “I’ll try again” and “I give up”.

13. Have courage and make use of the little talent you have.

14. Courage doesn’t have to be winning, it simply can be trying again and again.

15. Stay present and focus on what you can do today than worrying about things which cannot be changed.