Horses are beautiful and amazing creatures on Earth. Do you know what else is amazing? Miniature horses! Yes, it is a real animal, if you didn’t know already. And this article is about a very small miniature horse that gets to live indoors with doggo friends.

Meet Peabody, a rescued miniature horse. These horses are considered deformed sort of horses who come with a short life span and are abandoned by most people in general. But not Peabody, he got really lucky. Faith Smith, a lady with a golden heart, as soon as she got to know that this 6-week-old miniature horse needs to be rescued, drove there ASAP, and now Peabody has a life that we never dreamt of having. Scroll down to read more about this adorable horsie!

More info & Photo courtesy: Faithful Minis


Usually, a miniature horse weighs around 150-350 pounds but this one weighed around 19. It was actually the size of a dog. Peabody was rejected by his mother since horses do no accept the offspring if it was too small. So, being very small, Peabody had a rough start until he was found by Faith.


She is experienced in handling miniature horses. So she knew exactly how to take care and train the horse to do the basics such as walking and running. Peabody has a problem with his jaw alignment, but with the proper care and love he received over the course of time, his body started to grow right.

Now he is a happy miniature horsie living in Faith’s home with her doggies. These pets have a really good friendship and love to hang out with each other.



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