You must keep the right thoughts and intentions whatever the circumstance be. In this world, we see good things happen to be people and bad things happen to good people. But life goes on. It ain’t going to stop for anyone.

The below notes to self will keep us on the right track and empower us to make the best use of the time we have. Let us all hope these can make value to our lives.

1. The present always has opportunities

Do not be someone who waits for the weekend, holidays, payday or simply tomorrow to enjoy. Life is too short to wait. Grab the moment and make use of it even better.

2. Life can be modified daily

Do not be someone who will settle for their default lifestyle. Realize sooner that you can customize it according to your will.

3. Life will be worth living with your willingness

Be someone ready to work when it comes to a job, relationships or a family. The best things are usually hard to acquire.

4. Showing kindness is a beautiful gift

Be someone to be kind even though you won’t get kindness in return. Kindness is a great weapon to bring inner peace.

5. Everything is to change as nothing lasts

Everything is meant to change. The things we thought we can’t live without now have outgrown us with different things.