If you blindly follow your passion, you will feel there is no life in you.
You may not like everything in your life. In that case, switch your role. Make room and space for yourself to do something you like. Below are 10 tips that will remind you of something worth remembering.

1. Start making changes to your life, if it dulls your spark.

2. You must enjoy your life instead of enduring it.

3. Wake up to an organized and mindful day.

4. Spend your time wisely rather than talking about it.

5. If you cannot spend the day without thinking about anything, never give up on it.

6. You will always commit if you focus on meaningful things.

7. Do not blame others for your unhappiness.

8. Stop seeking approvals from others to follow your purpose.

9. Re-discover your excitement when negativity dwells around you.

10. Take steps ahead and do what you can even though it is small.