Yes.  You read it right. Sometimes things go wrong or I would prefer to say as “things happen in a different direction than what we’ve planned” after years and years of dedication and hard work. This can happen to you without a proper reason or explanation, making you feel devastated, heartbroken and numb.

Here are some of the things I did when things went wrong in my life.

01. Accepting the reality.

When we fail or lose something, we often try to find out why it went wrong and try to fix the same. Maybe your partner has left you without an explanation or you have lost your favourite job to which you have dedicated yourself so much. In my case, these both happened to me at the same time making me depressed. There’s no point trying to find the reason why this happened to you.  It will be a waste of your precious time and can be a path to self-doubt. I would rather suggest accepting what happened and moving on.

02. Find the silver lining.

Giving up on something we’ve invested ourselves isn’t incredibly easy. But just as every dark cloud has a silver lining, try to see the positive things around you. You might have been so busy dedicated to your dream job or your relationship with your partner for a long time and might have missed time to spend with your loved ones, friends and most importantly yourself. If you have lost your job, think this is a time for a small break that you’ve received to restart everything. If you’ve lost the relationship with your partner, think it’s an opportunity gifted to you for self-love.

03. Life finds a way

As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, life doesn’t stop from one fall. Life always finds a way. Rather than trying to convince others to accept our flaws, it’s more important that we accept ourselves and be happy with who we indeed are.  Self-doubt is more harmful than any poison in the entire world. And always remember that “better Diamond with a flaw than a perfect Pebble”